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Wireless Solution

We offer unified wireless networking solutions that enable small and medium-sized businesses to create highly mobile, highly productive work environments solution. We are dealing with D-link, Cisco & SonicWall product series for the wireless solution.

D-Link offers unified wireless networking at a very low total cost of ownership. With products that provide excellent value across a wide range of scenarios, D-Link wireless networks are scalable, easy to deploy and manage – delivering reliable, secure connectivity, in a self-healing solution.

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Cisco Small Business Wireless products provide us an easy way to connect staff, whether they're onsite or remote, to your business operations. It offers the fastest speeds possible with expanded range and coverage a transparent extension of your wired network.


For more details, please visit https://www.cisco.com/cisco/web/solutions/small_business/products/wireless/index.html

WLAN setup with SonicPoint access point is an ideal deployment for offices which are having SonicWall UTM Gateway Protection. Wireless Controller feature in SonicWall UTM help us to setup a robust and centrally managed WLAN with excellent RF monitoring, FairNet, access point Load Balancing & Rogue access point detection.

For more details, please visit https://www.sonicwall.com/us/en/products/SonicPoint-N_Dual-Radio.html

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